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twod::PartBase< T, Pr > Class Template Reference

base class for the 2D partitioning algorithm More...

#include <twod/part_base.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for twod::PartBase< T, Pr >:
twod::HierRelaxed< T, Pr, type, middle > twod::Hybrid< T, Pr > twod::JagMHeurBest< T, Pr > twod::JagMHeurHor< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagMHeurProbeBest< T, Pr > twod::JagMHeurProbeHor< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagMHeurProbeVer< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagMHeurVer< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagMOptBest< T, Pr > twod::JagMOptHor< T, Pr > twod::JagMOptVer< T, Pr > twod::JagPQHeurBest< T, Pr > twod::JagPQHeurHor< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagPQHeurVer< T, Pr, onedalgoY, onedalgoX > twod::JagPQOptBest< T, Pr > twod::JagPQOptHor< T, Pr > twod::JagPQOptIntervalBest< T, Pr > twod::JagPQOptIntervalHor< T, Pr > twod::JagPQOptIntervalVer< T, Pr > twod::JagPQOptVer< T, Pr > twod::RecBisect2D< T, Pr, type > twod::RectNicol< T, Pr, DEBUG > twod::Uniform< T, Pr >

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename Pr>
class twod::PartBase< T, Pr >

base class for the 2D partitioning algorithm

T type of the element in the matrix
Pr type of the prefix sum array

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual T part (int procCount, const Pr &prefixSumArray, util::RectList< T, Pr > &parts)=0
 Applies a 2d partitioning algorithm to a given 2d prefixSumArray .
virtual ~PartBase ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T , typename Pr >
twod::PartBase< T, Pr >::~PartBase (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T, typename Pr>
virtual T twod::PartBase< T, Pr >::part ( int  procCount,
const Pr prefixSumArray,
util::RectList< T, Pr > &  parts 
) [pure virtual]

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